Birch Park, Richmond

At the beginning of the year, members of the Block Watch Program from 4 different townhouse complexes in the McLennan North area got together to plan a block party for the neighourhood. As none of us had much, if any, experience throwing a big public event like this, all of us were learning as we went. The hardest part was getting the permit from the city to use a public park for the event.

Pendlebury Park Townhouse Complex

On August 10th, residents of Pendlebury Park townhouses along with friends & family and neighbours nearby gathered for a recycling themed evening of food and activities in Richmond, BC.

Festive blue and green balloons and signs were put up throughout the complex to welcome the many old and new faces attending this event.

Group photo
"Stage One " ,Richmond

August 8, 2019 , from 1:00pm to 4:00pm,
We rented the space of " the Stage One" and the AV equipment of "Stage One". We invited 26 pairs of golden couple and 4 health elders and others to come.

volunteers came early in the morning to make over 700 dumpling for people who attended my event today.
Oak Ave Neighborhood Hub Society

The scene that moved me. This is what I want to share with everybody first.

We prepared enough delicious foods,  fruits and snacks, in addition to Curry  dishes.
9981 Whalley BLVD, Surrey

My event, Make Curry Dishes was incredibly successful.
1, the event.
About 30 people from the 5 high-rise buildings around King George Station and other apartments have joyfully crowed in the party room of the apartment. An instructor told them how to make curry dishes, show them the curry dishes she has made at her home in the morning and gave them a plate of curry dishes to taste.
Then people ate other kinds of delicious dishes that were made by participants of this event.
People also have had some fruits, snacks and drinks.

Heather Gardens, Richmond

Heather Gardens is a small townhouse complex with 21 units. Although is a smaller complex, people hardly had a chance to communicate with each other. The Neighbourhood Small Grant provide the perfect opportunity to bring people together.

Fleetwood, Surrey

In a beautiful summer evening, neighbors with families from our block gathered together for a potluck and party. Neighbors brought some delicious foods together with the foods, drinks, snacks, and fruits we prepared to share. Neighbors had a great time together to know each other, enjoyed the foods and had great conversations. Kids had a fun time running around and playing together. We had a successful party thanking for the active participation of friendly neighbors.

129A Street Cul de Sac

Our neighbourhood held our annual block party thanks to the help from the Small Grants Program (Oak Avenue Neighbourhood Hub Society). This day is an exciting one for the kids and adults!! It is a great way for all the families to come out and mingle and get to know each other. The kids in the neighbourhood have been growing up together and our goal has always been to provide them with a safe neighbourhood. We had an amazing day filled with games, laughter and bonding!!!

Vancouver Foundation staff and NSG project leader.
SFU Harbour Centre

The Neighbourhood Small Grants Learning Day is a one-day community event that brings together Project Leaders (grantees), the Neighbourhood Grant Committee members that review applications, and program coordinators from the 26 communities in which the Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) program is available.


We invited all of the people who live on Braid St. to come to a party with the purpose of meeting neighbours, playing games, listening to music and enjoying a barbeque lunch. We blocked off the 500 block with barricades and hung balloons, had welcoming signs and games of all kinds set up on the street, had a face painting station, had a drumming group perform and had a playlist of music when they weren’t performing. It was a hot day so we had several tents sent up to accommodate the food stations and musicians.