September 4 2017 to November 30 2017
Buy Low Foods Community Room - New Westminster

An eager group of immigrant seniors, who were learning to achieve a useful and functional way of communicating in English; when I visited,  they were learning basic words that are used for the doctor's appointments and also learning about the Canadian general protocols when seeing a Doctor.
The project leader was very knowledgeable and patient. She made every participant feel accomplished with their learning and support them to express themselves better. What a great group!

October 16 2017
Milano Building Lobby & Marquis Lobby

It seemed challenging for neighbours within the Milano building in the West End to meet each other and have an opportunity to develop community. Applying for a small grant, the hope was to create a venue and invite neighbours to get to know one another over a very low-key, casual time that included snacks.

October 6 2017
W.D.Ferris Elementary School

Our event, "Music in the park" was a great success.
W.D. Ferris Elementary School has a strong music program and has developed a reputation for its bands. The purpose of the event was to share their wonderful music with the school community and the surrounding neighborhood. Posters and flyers were distributed leading up to the event.

October 5 2017
Victoria Hill

We had our first Community Block Party and had a few hundred people join us. It was advertised through our Facebook group and in all residences in the neighborhood. We all brought food, many people helped out and many new relationships were built (: