August 24 2018
Memorial Peace Park

Over the summer, a group of artists and musicians organized a successful Wild Salmon, Drums and Art event in Maple Ridge’s downtown Memorial Peace Park. Everyone in the community was welcome to join the circle led by Sto:lo Elder Eddie Gardner for storytelling and an opportunity to learn about traditional Indigenous drumming. Red Fox Creative Café art activities and a salmon celebration were included in the festivities. It is hoped by all who attended that this community gathering will become an annual tradition in our downtown park.

August 18 2018
Gilker Hill

On Saturday August 18th, Neighbours on Gilker Hill closed off their block and welcomed in the neighbourhood.

September 8 2018
Maple Ridge - Back Alley

On Saturday September 8th, Neighbours held a pot luck BBQ in the alley behind their houses.
With about 35 participants in all, the whole event ran from 4pm until shortly after 11pm.  One of the neighbors brought a fire pit so once the sun went down; they gathered their chairs around the fire and conversed. 

September 8 2018
West Side Manor

On Saturday September 8th, Neighbours in the West Side Manor held a work and play event.
The group of neighbours had a labour inclusive block party. The group used up over 50 Gallons of stain to re-paint their block’s fence and held a block party afterwards to help get to know their neighbours. The weather was precarious, but with the fences for the most part dry they were able to get most of the staining done prior to the rain picking up. Even with the rain it turned out to a blast of fun and talking!

September 13 2018
McBride place

Thank you so much to the NSGP for sponsoring our project and making this event work. Our idea was to do a walking club with yoga in the summer when everybody is at home and bring them out to take the opportunity to meet each other and get to know them better. Each time we walked to a different park and then had yoga with the instructor. At the end of the program we had a potluck, BBQ, and a movie night. Thank you so much again.