August 15 2017
Queen's Park, New West

More than 60 people trashed their prejudices (aka preconceptions, judgements, biases, generalizations, stereotyping...) at Queen’s Park on Canada Day.
We bought a trash bin, pens and index cards, and asked people to write a prejudice they had heard or felt on one side, on the other a bias or prejudice they have.
Then Trash It!
There were a few quirky responses (apparently the Pattullo Bridge carries its share of animosity) but, over and again we were overwhelmed with the weight that people carry.

August 13 2017
Queen's Park

Many thanks to New Westminster Neighborhood Small Grants, especially Maylen Crespo, for providing us with the support necessary to put on this event.
There were over 50 people attended the picnic. Thank you to everyone for coming out, we hope you enjoyed! :)
Historic story-telling, treasure-hunting, national flags showing, photo taking were the main activities of the event.
Shelagh, one of our English Circle Volunteers, provided the following feedback:

August 8 2017
11188 Railway Ave.

Our Canada Day Celebration for Canada's 150th was a huge success. We had approximately 50 friends, family and neighbours of all ages from various backgrounds come to celebrate in the drive way of our townhouse complex. It was potluck style for all the side dishes with ribs, hamburgers and hot dogs being purchased for everyone by the grant money. We also used the grant money for many decorations to make the event more festive. Our drive way was transformed into a wonderful oasis for all to enjoy with a lounging area including a propane fire pit along with a huge decorated dining table.

July 30 2017
Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

The short film "Lonely Ants Die Young" hopes to be a vehicle of empathy and reflection regarding our need for human connection. In a privileged, busy, and individualistic city like Vancouver, each person is constantly working to achieve their personal idea of "success." While this ambition can be positive, it may also lead to the constant need to "do" in order to feel "enough." This dangerous way of thinking can hinder our feelings of worth and vulnerability.

July 16 2017
King George Park - Richmond

It was an amazing day where many kids in our community spent their time enjoying fun activities, arts and crafts, and much more! The true spirit of Eid was spread and this event helped us all connect, despite our different cultures and backgrounds. We were also honored to be paid a visit by Richmond MP Joe Peschisolido! All in all, we can proudly say that the event was a success. Thank you for your generosity and for helping us make this possible!